Misuse & Safety Terms

Misuse & Safety Terms; Please Read Carefully

Safety & Misuse.

The cream chargers that CreamSupply sells contain the gas nitrous oxide (N2O). Whilst non-flammable and commonly used in not only the catering industry but also in areas of the health sector, nitrous oxide has become a source for recreational use in recent years. The casual human consumption of what’s often known as “Laughing gas” can have serious side effects such as nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating and dizziness. Misuse of intaking N2O can even be fatal via asphyxiation, which is why CreamSupply is emphatically concerned in making sure that our customers understand that our products are to be sold for their intended purpose – to play a part in food preparation in a safe and responsible manner.

With particular reference to cream chargers, please handle them with care at all times – the N2O inside the canisters are greatly pressurized, so be sure not to pierce them, or dispose of them until they’ve been fully emptied safely. When not in use it is strongly advised to store the chargers and all other relevant equipment in a safe and temperature-controlled environment.

* PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES ACT 2016: The act states it is a criminal offence to supply a psychoactive substance to another person if you are aware, or you are reckless as to whether the substance is likely to be consumed by the person to whom it is supplied (or by some other person) for its psychoactive affects.


 In order to ensure optimum safety for everyone, CreamSupply operates under the following misuse and safety guidelines:

* All sales are made to persons aged 18 or over. 

* CreamSupply will refuse to sell to you if we suspect you intend to misuse our products. Once again, the sale of nitrous oxide cream chargers are solely for use for their intended purpose, the preparation of food and beverages.

* You understand that inhalation of the gas inside cream chargers carries the risk of serious health problems, including death.

* That it’s not your intention to misuse the products.

* You intend not supply the products to any 3rd person for the purpose of misuse, nor in a way that is reckless as to whether that 3rd person intends to misuse the goods.

* It’s not your wish to supply any persons under the age of 18 with the products.

* That you will take all reasonable measures to ensure the goods are only used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

* You’ll take all measures which can be reasonably expected to ensure that the goods are kept in a secure place, with no access to minors or persons who may misuse the products. 

* Should you be reselling the products, you will never use any signage, labelling, information or any form of advertising that in any way suggests or encourages misuse of the products.

* Your understanding that Cream Chargers contain compressed gas, and as such should never be put on board an aircraft.

* That you understand that if you are found to have misused the products, supplied a 3rd party for misuse or in a reckless manor, or supplied persons under the age of 18, we will terminate our business relationship with you, banning you from any future purchases, and where appropriate share that information with the police.

* It is your understanding that none of the above statements should be considered as legal advice, and that you should seek your own professional legal advice where necessary.