1/4L Cream Whipper-Dispenser w/ PREMIUM Multi-Branded 8g N20 Cream Chargers


The 8g cream charger canisters contain the certified food grade of nitrous oxide (N20), with each charger capable of transforming a 1/2 litre of whipping cream into a 1.5 litre of whipped cream. When placing this particular order, you’ll receive a 1/4 litre cream dispenser (unbranded), with the option of adding a pack of cream chargers varying from 48 to 600 canister sets. Due to rapid turnover, this particular listing will have a “pick ‘n’ mix” style bundle of chargers from various premium makes such as QuickWhip, iSi, Kayser, and Liss.


PLEASE NOTE: All products on this site are for sale to those aged 18 and over ONLY. Orders for quantities of 360 or more cream chargers are for commercial use ONLY. Every purchase from CreamSupply is subject to our Safety & Misuse Terms – please use the products you buy from us responsibly.

CreamSupply reserves the right to cancel and refund any order.


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The following is an excerpt from Nisbet’s article on cream dispensers/whippers:

Cream whippers are sealed canisters which use pressurized gas to aerate cream quickly. This saves time and effort when making milkshakes, whipped cream for fruits as well as a range of desserts and fresh pastries which makes these items perfect for commercial venues such as bakeries, cafes and kitchens.

Although this is their primary function they are also capable of a lot more than whipping up cream for dessert toppings and hot drinks. They can also be used to add texture to components of any savoury or sweet dish. They are perfect for making foams as well as hollandaise, infusions, sauces and mousses, not to mention flavoured cream for puddings, hot beverages and even cold cappuccinos.

They also allow delicate mixtures to be kept for longer in canisters, without exposure to the air. These reasons alone make the cream whipper a valuable and versatile tool for any kitchen.

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1/4L Dispenser & Cream Chargers Bundle

1/4L Dispenser Only, 1/4L Dispenser & 48 Chargers, 1/4L Dispenser & 96 Chargers, 1/4L Dispenser & 144 Chargers, 1/4L Dispenser & 240 Chargers, 1/4L Dispenser & 360 Chargers, 1/4L Dispenser & 600 Chargers


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