Premium N20 Cream Charging Tank


The cream charging tank is a great product to have when needing to use large amaounts of nitrous oxide. Each tank can hold up to the equivalent of approx. 80 8g N20-filled cream chargers, and so makes whipping cream a much more quicker and easier process. With every tank comes a recycling dispenser tool for the emptying of the tank safely.

This particular listing will have a “pick ‘n’ mix” bundle of tanks from premium makes such as Fast-Gas, MagicWhip, Cream Deluxe and SupremeWhip.

The products we sell are 100% genuine, stored safely and delivered to you with the utmost of care.


PLEASE NOTE: All products on this site are for sale to those aged 18 and over ONLY. Orders for quantities of 360 or more cream chargers are for commercial use ONLY. Every purchase from CreamSupply is subject to our Safety & Misuse Terms – please use the products you buy from us responsibly.

CreamSupply reserves the right to cancel and refund any order.

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Premium N20 Cream Charging Tank

CreamSupply has the very best cream charging tanks around. Brands such as Fast-Gas, MagicWhip, SupremeWhip and Cream Deluxe are what we constantly get in stock. This product is ideal for those that don’t necessarily need a particular make, yet still want a high quality product, and at a great value. With a top item like this, how can you go wrong?

For more info about cream charging tanks and how useful they are, please check out Nisbet’s great explanation here.

Not looking for a Premium N20 Cream Charging Tank? Check out our Mosa cream chargers, and also our range of other cream charging tanks.

Pack Amount

1 Tank & Recyc. Tool, 2 Tanks & Recyc. Tool, 3 Tanks & Recyc. Tool, 4 Tanks & Recyc. Tool, 5 Tanks & Recyc. Tool, 6 Tanks & Recyc. Tool


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